About Us

prrkycolThe Altoona area was known for it’s many ethnic enclaves that came into existence as immigrants came to this area to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad.  In the latter part of the 19th Century, Altoona area began it’s growth to become one of the largest railroad centers in the world.  This growth fueled the need for many different trades and skill levels.

The workers came from many Countries around the globe.  As the immigrants came to the Altoona area, ethnic neighborhoods/communities continued to grow along with the Railroad.  Each of those ethnic communities began forming their own clubs, many of which are still in existence today. The Bavarian Aid Society is and remains the largest of those ethnic clubs. To this day, our officers are all of Bavarian parentage.

We still honor our traditions with events, such as our annual Oktoberfest.

You can read more of the Bavarian Aid Society’s great history throughout this website.