For decades, bowling has been a focal point at the Bavarian.  The F.A. Gerhart Lanes are dedicated in honor of a departed member of our hall, Frank Gerhart.  Frank was Club Steward for 42 years and financial secretary for more than 30 years.  His vision and dedication was, and still is, a driving force behind the growth of the Bavarian Hall.  He worked tirelessly to improve our organization until April 27, 2003.  He is fondly remembered and will always be missed.

We feature 16 Lanes of bowling with state of the art Brunswick Automatic Pin-setters and Automatic Scoring.  There is a full service pro-shop on site, and of course, all of the typical conveniences.  Lockers, Ball Polishers and Shoes are available for rent.

We host several bowling leagues during the year, including Men’s Women’s Senior, Mixed and Youth Bowling.  Visit our Bowling Leagues page for information on our leagues.